Facts About The Real Leigh Brown

1. Leigh Brown doesn't support President Trump

Leigh Brown said Republicans who supported Trump were shooting themselves in the head [1], claimed Trump voters were experiencing cognitive dissonance [2], and shared a meme making fun of Trump [3] before speculating [4] that she should run as a write-in candidate [5].

2. Leigh Brown doesn't support President Trump's tax reform

Brown personally attacked Trump’s tax reform plan, calling it “a problem” and that she was “upset [6]” about it.

She also attacked a Realtor [7] who supported Trump’s tax reform. She compared Trump’s tax reform to Obamacare, called it a “negative,” and criticized it as the “craziest thing I’ve seen in my 17 years” [8] of real estate work.

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3. Leigh Brown isn't a conservative

Brown isn’t a conservative, having run for Governor [9] as an Independent, and calling herself a “DemoPublicanRepubliCrat[10] and “a purple person who lives in the middle”of partisan politics.

She openly says she’s not a conservative, but a member of “The Realtor Party, because we’re not partisan, we’re not Democrat or Republican.”

4. Leigh Brown works for and donates to Democrats

Brown worked as a fundraiser [11] for a PAC that was one of Nancy Pelosi’s largest donors[12]. Brown personally donated [13] money to Democrats and gave $13,973 to PACs supporting politicians like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Dianne Feinstein, Obamacare architect Max Baucus, and many others. 

The group behind one of these PACs praised Obama’s stimulus and called for its “quick implementation,” wants to increase the gas tax [14]aggressively [15] lobbied against Trump’s tax reform plan [16], and even backed taxing what you buy on the internet [17]. The same PAC poured $1.3 million dollars [18] into her campaign and she’s repeatedly praised the PAC’s support for Democrats [19] and lobbying. 

5. Leigh Brown does not live in NC-09

Brown admits [20] to not living in the Congressional district and has openly said she lives outside of it. 

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